What’s Your Story, Dessa?


A timeline exploring the life and career of Dessa, the shape-shifting philosopher-poet-songwriter who’s in Madison next Friday.

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(Photo credit: Bill Phelps)


Riding the highs and lows


Electro-pop artist Emilie Brandt opens up about being bisexual and bipolar in her latest album. The former Madisonian plays The Frequency on March 23.

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(Photo provided courtesy of the artist.)

Seeing with the Brain


A vision-aid device developed by a Middleton company helps profoundly blind patients “see” through electro-tactile stimulation to the tongue.


Six years ago, an attack left Andy Fabino blind. 

While visiting his family in Chicago, Fabino was beaten so severely that he was in a coma for fourteen days. In addition to leaving him physically debilitated, the beating damaged Fabino’s optical nerves beyond repair. He spent almost two months recuperating in the intensive care unit at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, Illinois.

Fabino’s recovery was incredibly difficult. “I had to learn how to walk and how to use my hands and arms again,” he remembers. “And then, I had to deal with the fact that I was blind.”

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What’s In A Name?


The old Red Letter News changes from “dirty bookstore” to “Lovers Playground.” The name change reflects the era’s more open attitude to sexuality.

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