Mic Drop


A bizarre endorsement from Eminem in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District was too good to be true.

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(Not pictured: Eminem)


Dog-Eared Books


A playful Pomeranian named Big T helps young Madison readers.

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(Photo credits: Steven Potter)


Escape from Madison


For Andrea Johnson, Madison is an inescapable reminder that her son, Tony Robinson, was killed by police. In June, she is moving to California to get away from the ugly memories the city evokes.

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(Photo credit: Lauren Justice)

Shifting Debate


Rep. Melissa Sargent has proposed two gun control bills, including one that would give families and police a mechanism for removing guns from people they fear will harm themselves or others. That proposal even has some Republicans on board.

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(Image Credit: David Michael Miller/Isthmus)

Weird and Wonderful Madison


Why is there a car here covered in rubber duckies? And that street musician — the guy with the guitar and kazoo who sings about giving his cat a bath — why is he still at it after all these years? Good questions, both.

Well, they have the same answer: To make us smile.

These and 18 other standout sights and quirks of history leave us shaking our heads with amusement, saying, “only in Madison.”

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(Art Credit: James Heimer/Madison Magazine)

What Did Scoles Know?


Andrew Scoles insisted he had information about Brittany Zimmermann’s murder.

Recently unsealed documents show he was trying to reach a deal with the Dane County District Attorney to share it. Prosecutors appeared uninterested.

Now Scoles is dead.

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Brittany Zimmermann