Creating Keepsakes: Artist Makes Memorials To Remember The Pets That Have Passed

Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, or even a pig, our pets are a part of our families.

And when they pass away, we may want to keep something to help remember them, like an old collar or their favorite toy.

In some cases, people may want a part of the pet itself — perhaps a tooth embedded in a ring, a small bone on a necklace, or some of their fur preserved in a glass pendant.

For that one-of-a-kind memorial, some people turn to a specialized artist in Madison named Lisa Lauren.

Listen to and read the full piece here.

(Photo credit: Steven Potter)


‘We Can Do More’

As the country grapples with a racial reckoning, local activists, organizers and officials weigh in on Madison’s documented disparities and what criminal justice reform could mean here.


Over the years, Girard Thomas has gotten used to being stopped and questioned by police.

As a Black man, he feels like law enforcement sees his skin color and pegs him as an “easy target.” The threat of being harassed or arrested is nearly constant.

“It’s always there, every time you step out your front door,” says the 35-year-old Madison resident and father. “It can happen anywhere and at any time.”

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Photo credit: Steven Potter