Drones in Dairyland


This cover story for Wisconsin People & Ideas magazine examines the rise of drone use and the potential these flying robots have to transform multiple industries in Wisconsin while also looking at what the ubiquitous technology means for individual privacy.

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(Photo credits: Gumz Farms/Wisconsin People & Ideas/UW-Madison)



DJ Mirah, a 12-year-old Madison DJ, Plays Gigs All Over Town and Beyond


Like most kids, Amirah Coleman loves music. But when this 12-year-old jams out to her favorite tracks, she doesn’t play them on headphones or a home stereo.

Instead, she steps up to a pair of Technics 1200 turntables and loads the songs into the Serato computer program. From there she cues up a Pioneer S9 mixer to layer the tracks over each other, then uses the turntables to sync the beats and adjust the pitch until the songs blend into one seamless playlist.

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(Photo credit: Steven Potter)