To the rescue


A worker was stuck under a train car following an explosion at a corn processing plant in Cambria. It was a seemingly hopeless situation. Luckily, the Madison Fire Department’s Heavy Urban Rescue Team trains for exactly these types of catastrophe.

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Virtual Crime Busters


According to Madison Police, 26 guns were stolen from cars this year and 41 guns were swiped last year. The department hopes a social media campaign will get more people to lock their cars.

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Mando’s Madness


Recent UW-Madison grad DJ Mando’s career is taking off. He’s played Summerfest and Freakfest and toured to Amsterdam with Lucien Parker. And the energetic crowd-pleaser is just getting started.

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Photo credit: Scotify

Terrorist or Victim of Entrapment? A Milwaukee Case Raises Troubling Issues.

Samy Hamzeh illustration

When federal agents arrested a young Muslim man in an undercover sting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, last year, they played it up big as “terrorism.” His defense, however, says any threat was not just overblown, but completely manufactured.

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Art credit: Brad Dunlevy/The Progressive