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UPDATE: I will still be using this to compile my work but my primary website is now

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m Steven Potter and I’m a reporter. And a producer.

This site is simple — it contains my most recent work in chronological order.

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Local ‘DNA Hunter’ helps people follow the branches of their family trees

When parts of a family tree are missing, finding them often requires patience, vulnerability and a readiness for revelations. The advent of the internet and its growing genealogy and record databases has paved a modern path to the age-old answers many seek, but they often leave people with only pieces of the full story. For many seekers in Madison and beyond, that’s where the local “DNA Hunter” comes in.

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Image credits: Photo by Patrick Stutz/Illustration by Tim Burton

Determined Traveler 

Madison-born emcee Brother Ali has been busy during the pandemic, with a new political-talk podcast, an online stage skills course and some new tracks. And he’s out on tour.

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Photo credit: Identity Media