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Danez Smith Returns


As a poet gaining international acclaim for passionate prose and brilliant, boundary-breaking lyricism, Danez Smith thinks we can do a better job introducing the art of poetry to children.

The black, queer poet and First Wave alum, returns to Madison to read from their latest book on Feb. 10.

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Production Rundown #2: The Iowa Caucus Mess, Redistricting, Impeachment and a New Chief Warden at the State DNR

Election 2020 Pete Buttigieg

Here are the latest #SteveSegments in reverse chrono order.

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Rants And Reaction From The Iowa Caucuses

Citing “inconsistencies” in their preliminary voter tallies, the Iowa Democratic Party has yet to release any results from the Iowa Caucus last night. We speak with a newspaper columnist in Cedar Rapids about what might have gone wrong and what happens next.

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Redistricting Updates From In And Outside Wisconsin

We talk with two political scientists about redistricting, the process of re-drawing election maps after new population estimates. We look at news here in Wisconsin, including the governor’s new commission. Then we discuss battles over redistricting in other states.

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Updates From Week 2 Of The Senate Impeachment Trial

Democrats and Republicans have presented their cases in the Senate impeachment trial on whether to convict President Trump. Two political science professors detail the next phase of the trial, ahead of an expected vote Friday to determine if witnesses are called to testify.

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A New Chief Warden Takes The Reins At State DNR

The new chief warden of the state DNR joins us to discuss the day-to-day workload of wardens and what we can all do to protect our land and animals. He also discusses the most pressing enforcement issues facing the DNR and new projects for the department.

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Production Rundown #1


As many of you know, just before the New Year, I took a job as a producer for The Morning Show on Wisconsin Public Radio.

Below you’ll find a list of the recent shows, segments, episodes and interviews I produced.

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Wisconsin Native Revives Deserted Gold Mines In New Reality Show “Reclaimed”

Hidden deep in the mountains of Colorado are dozens of deserted gold mines that have sat dormant for years or even decades. We talk with a Wisconsin native who co-hosts a new reality TV series about reviving these deserted gold mines and turning them into thriving operations. Listen here.

Tech Trends To Watch In Wisconsin And Abroad

It can be challenging to keep up with the evolution of new technology. We talk with the president of the Wisconsin Technology Council about what technology we should keep an eye on here in Wisconsin and abroad. Listen here.

Quitting Your Job The Right Way

Quitting a job can be a stressful experience. Or, it can be a liberating one. How it plays out largely depends on how much planning and preparation you put into it. We talk to business correspondent Yuki Noguchi, who addressed how to quit your job the right way for NPR’s “Life Kit” podcast. Listen here.

First Day Developments From Impeachment Trial

We look at developments from the first day in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. A political science professor talks about what’s happened so far and what to expect in the trial the rest of the week. Listen here.

Senate Impeachment Trial: Day 2 Developments

In day two of the Senate impeachment trial, Democrats dug further into their case for convicting and removing President Trump from office, demanding witnesses be called and documents handed over. We check in with a political professor for updates. Listen here.

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Law & Disorder


Full Speed Ahead


Access Ability Wisconsin helps get outdoor enthusiasts with limited mobility back into nature. It’s all with the aid of an all-terrain outdoor wheelchair.

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Funk World


Local funksters steez release a confident and danceable fifth album, “Last Night.” The tunes are accessible, and allow all five talented members to shine.

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