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Madison’s Supa Friends release blast of fun in the midst of a turbulent summer

After a couple of years helping other hip-hop artists by running open mic events at community centers in Madison and hosting a weekly radio show, the scrappy, six-member rap crew known as Supa Friends figured it was time to drop their own album.

Read the story here.

(Photo: courtesy of Supa Friends)

Production Rundown #6: Much More Virus

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 5.53.01 PM

Since The Morning Show has shifted to almost exclusive coronavirus and COVID-19 coverage, and I haven’t done one of these roundups in a while, below is a list of that.

Please enjoy these #SteveSegments


US Rep. Gallagher On Coronavirus Efforts

We hear from U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Green Bay) about the federal government’s efforts to quell the coronavirus spread and what next steps Congress may take. Listen here.

Coronavirus: Keeping Relationships Healthy At Home

With coronavirus-related quarantines and the statewide stay-at-home order, we’re all spending a lot more time together — and that can lead to conflict. We talk with a family and couples therapist about how to keep relationships healthy at home during stressful times. Listen here.

Coronavirus: How Telemedicine Can Help

As the coronavirus begins to put stress on the state’s healthcare systems, medical professionals are turning to telemedicine at an increasing rate. We talk to a doctor and a nurse about how they’re using computers, smartphones and apps to provide care to their patients. Listen here.

Maintaining Students’ Mental Health During Coronavirus School Closures

Ensuring students still have access to educational resources during the coronavirus-related school closures is important, but what about their mental health? We talk with a school district superintendent about keeping kids in good mental health during these challenging times. Listen here.

State School Districts Face Coronavirus Closure Challenges

Public schools in Wisconsin have sent students home or closed during the coronavirus pandemic. We talk with two superintendents to find out how they’re managing. Listen here.

UW System Responds To COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, UW System campuses across the state have closed their classrooms and are teaching courses online when possible. We speak with a UW System administrator about other changes they’re making and how the coronavirus outbreak may affect things going forward. Listen here.

As Pandemic Forces Closures, More May Seek Unemployment Benefits

With employers cutting hours or closing shop temporarily amid the COVID-19 pandemic, more Wisconsin residents may soon seek unemployment benefits. We talk with representatives from the state agency that handles claims for unemployment assistance. Listen here.

Personal Finance: Coronavirus, Taxes, Retirement And More

The coronavirus epidemic has sent the stock market into a downward spiral. A financial coach and retirement expert joins us to share advice on how to weather the COVID-19 storm. Listen here.

(Photo credit: Steven Potter)

Production Rundown #5: Coronavirus, More Coronavirus, Compost Collection, Body Cameras on Cops, New Courts and Personal Finance Advice


About the above title: as many of you know, I’m addicted to alliteration. It’s not my fault. I can quit whenever I want. I don’t have a problem — you have a problem. It’s fine.

Jokes aside, these #SteveSegments include experts discussing how to talk to kids about the coronavirus, the effect of the coronavirus on your personal finances (and what to do about it) and plenty of other things that aren’t related to the coronavirus, including, amateur boxing, new courts and one farmer’s effort to compost more — much more.

Please enjoy, listen, learn and share.


Personal Finance: Coronavirus, Taxes, Retirement And More

The coronavirus epidemic has sent the stock market into a downward spiral. A financial coach and retirement expert joins us to share advice on how to weather the COVID-19 storm. Listen here.

Talking To Kids About Coronavirus And COVID-19

How should we be talking to kids about Coronavirus and COVID-19? And should we even be having those conversations? We’ll get answers to these and other questions from a professor who specializes in helping children deal with stress. Listen here.

Statewide Boxing Competition This Weekend

UPDATE: This weekend’s statewide boxing competition has now been postponed. This interview was recorded before that announcement was made. We talk with a boxer and a boxing coach about their sport and the Golden Gloves contests. Listen here.

A Dozen New Courts To Be Created

The governor recently signed legislation creating a dozen new circuit court branches around the state in an effort to decrease backlogs and ease an overburdened court system. We talk with the state courts director about it. Listen here.

Dealing with Headaches and Back Pain

Headaches can be severe enough to cause absence from work. And about 80 percent of adults experience back pain at some point in their life. We speak with a doctor who specializes in treating pain about the causes of these two common ailments. Listen here.

New Law Addresses Police Body Camera Footage

A representative from the state’s largest law enforcement union joins us to talk about how new legislation mandates public access to police body camera footage and how this may lead to expanded use of the cameras. Listen here.

One Farmer’s Compost Collection Efforts

A farmer in Green Bay has a unique side hustle:  collecting food waste from restaurants to feed to her worms, who then turn it into nutrient-rich compost. We talk to her about worm poop and how we can put our food scraps to good use. Listen here.
(Photo credit: Xabier Parra/AP Photo)

Production Rundown #4: Sick Pets, Legislative Recap, Black History and Afrofuturism, Space Exploration and Homebuying Help


These #SteveSegments included guests discussing how to treat cancer in our pets, what bills our lawmakers recently passed, how Black History Month fits into Afrofuturism and NASA’s past, present and future plans for space exploration as well as some tips on how to buy a home.

Tips And Techniques For Buying A Home

Buying a home can be a complicated process with many factors to consider. We straighten it out by talking with a lender and a real estate agent about your options in today’s market. Listen here.

NASA’s Past, Present and Future Plans

With the recent death of pioneering African American NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, we speak with the author of “Hidden Figures” about Johnson’s legacy and the early days of spaceflight. Then, we talk with a space historian about NASA’s plans to take us back to the moon and beyond. Listen here.

Black History Meets Afrofuturism

As Black History Month wraps up, we look to the future — specifically Afrofuturism. We talk with a professor, musician and community organizer who uses this cultural movement to imagine new realities and possibilities for those who are part of the African diaspora. Listen here.

State Capitol Report: End Of Session Recap

State lawmakers tackled more than a few bills last week, sending a number of them to Gov. Evers’ desk for signing or veto. A WPR Capitol reporter explains what passed, what didn’t and the outcome of the Wisconsin Supreme Court primary election. Listen here.

Treating Cancer In Our Pets

Scout is a lucky dog in more ways than one. Not only did the 7-year-old Golden Retriever survive cancer thanks to the doctors at the UW-Madison veterinary school, he was in a Super Bowl commercial because of it. We talk with one of Scout’s vets about treating cancer in our pets. Listen here.

  (Photo credit: NASA/Neil A. Armstrong/AP Photo)